Client Reviews of
My Alternative Holistic Medicine Services

“I’d attended one of your nutrition seminars and learned so much about how to improve my health through diet!”
—Belinda Hinkley
Montclair, NJ


“My depression was like a dark cloud that followed me always and everywhere. With the diet changes and the recommended supplements, I’ve been feeling so much better.”
—Tiffany LoCarno,
Lodi, NJ


“Your recommendations have helped me keep my cholesterol and blood pressure down and also avoid diabetes. I don’t know where I’d have ended up without your help, but I’m glad I don’t have to find out!”
—Pete Jensen
Rockaway, NJ



“Dr. Rob’s always been such a great help to my family. My mother’s been seeing him for years and even though the doctors thought her kidneys would’ve given out by now, she’s going stronger than ever!”
—Nina Mooreland
Ramsey, NJ


“I’ve seen Rob on and off for years and believe me when I say, he knows his stuff! He’s helped me combat my tremendous anxiety issues and get through life with a smile again.”
—Richard Rivera,
Oakland, NJ


“Depression was draining me and taking such a toll on my quality of life. I’m so blessed to have come across your name. Since turning to you for support, I’ve been almost as energetic as I was before. I can’t thank you enough.”
– Ruth Saperstein
Goshen, NY



“My RA is much better. Pain and swelling in my joints are much less. Thank you Dr. Robert”
–Rina Donner
Upper Saddle River, NJ


“Helping me manage my blood sugar has helped me gain so much peace of mind. When I was first diagnosed as diabetic, I thought I’d lose my mind it was so confusing. Dr. Robert clarified things and has been a tremendous help.”
-Mike Ventnor
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ


“My IBS flare-ups have been much easier to manage thanks to your great advice!”
-Patricia W.
New Milford, NJ



“I’ve lost so much weight with your program and feel fitter than I have in years. Thanks for your guidance.”
-John V.
Hawthorne, NJ


“I’ve been able to get a much better quality of sleep and seen my mood improve dramatically as a result. Thanks for your tips, they really paid off!”
-Kathy Gilmore
Hackensack, NJ


“I’ve finally been able to get back in shape, and all without starving myself or resorting to expensive surgeries…just easy-to-follow, sensible advice that I’m still using to this day. Love my new body!”
-Lydia Andersen
Wyckoff, NJ